• How much time you take to activate a new hosting account?

    Within 2 work hours once payment has been confirmed. Domain names delagations could spent more time, between 24 to 72 hours until web site will be visible. Of course, you could upload your web site content before using the IP address provided once your account has been activated.

  • Could you tell me some client names to get references?
    No. as a privacy policy, we never provide this kind of information. If you need to know more about our services, you could call us in by phone. All our web site are running in the same servers as your web hosting account.
  • How many domain did you host in each server?
    Depending Server capabilities and web site requeriments we host to keep our servers under its 40%. this help us to keep our servers with an 99,999% uptime with the best performance.
  • May I migrate to a better hosting account? When?
    You could update ypur hosting account in any time. You only need to contact us to update your hosting account and payment will be modified. You can downgrade your hosting account without money refunds.
  • How can I forward my mails messages to another mail address?
    You could do it from your control panel, setting the Email forwarding parameters.
  • What happens if I exceed the Band Width Limit of my hosting account?
    The Band with Limit is fixed in order to guarantee service quality. If your site receive too much visitors and your bandwidth grows up, ypu must to pay the additional cost for each 1Mb Bandwidth Block. If your web site keeps growing reaching the limits again, we will advice you to upgrade your hosting account to a bigger account with more montly bandwidth.
  • Could I host more than one domain in the same hosting account?
    You could point more than one domain name to your hosting accout. this is not prohibited, but it makes your site work slowly. If you need to host more than one site, please, check our Multipacks Hosting Section in this site.
  • May I host adult content sites in my hosting account?
    NO. We have a estrict policy in this matter. We not allow host web site with pornographical, nude, or similar content, either it be text, banners, pictures, or whatever. Also, we do not allow host web sites with xenophofical, racism, or other content type that could affect morality. Any hosting account with this kind of content will be automatically deleted without any advice and with refunds rights.
  • What kind of Tech Support brings Santa Fe Hosting?
    Our Technical Support (included in any hosting account) works to keep our servers working in the right manner, and keep our software always up to dated. We do not bring GNU, Custom, Theird Part Software Tech Support. If you need some specific assistance, Professional Web Design, or Web Development, fell free to call us or send a mail to us. Our projects manager will give you faster responses with a quotation for the job.
  • Did you offer Windows (NT, 2000, 2003) based hosting Servers?
    No. At this time we are focused in Linux SO Based Servers.
  • Its my dessired domain name available?
    If you want an international domain name, you could check the domain availability in our DOMAINS section or in www.santafedominios.com If you want to registar an Argentinian domain name, please check www.nic.ar
  • Did you provide Internet conections as an ISP?
    No. We are not providing DSL conections.
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