• Create or Import a MySQL Data Base. How to import a data base from your PC.

    First at all we need to create a MySQL Database. If you already have a Database created, skip this step. To create a MySQL Database, we need to log in into the Hosting Control Panel (http://www.yourdomain.com:2222) and create a new MySQL Database in the MySQL Databases Section--> Create a new MySQL Database. Nota that Database name is the with this form: username_dbname. Then, you must to create a MySQL User to this Database. NOTE again: Database Username will created usign the AccoutUserName_SelectedUsername Then you must to point the username created to the desired Database. Once you create the user, the system will show you the conections parameters that you will need to include in you PHP conection script If you also need to import a SQL FIle into the data base, please follow the next steps. Go to the PhpMyAdmin (clicking in the link below the Create a New Database Link). click in the SQL menu ítem (in the top menu of PhpMyAdmin). Browse your hard disk, select your Database Dump file, and click Ok to upload contents to the new created Database. Now you will need to wait until upload is finished. PLEASE: Do not press F% or reload your browser. Uploads will take some time, dependind the file size.

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